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Step 5: Broker gets Paid The only step left is to collect your fee. If applicable, KCMI Capital will process any YSP and mail this out to you as soon as possible. Congratulations and thanks for choosing KCMI Capital for…

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Step 4: Processing and Closing Once the borrower(s) signs the Commitment Letter, KCMI Capital’s processing team steps into action. We handle all third party reports from legal, title and appraisal. We obtain appraisal quotes and provide the borrower(s) with the…

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Step 3: Sell Your Deal Once your loan is approved, KCMI Capital will issue a Letter of Intent. We know you know your business best, so at this stage we step aside and let you be the broker and go…

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Step 2: Work with an Account Executive A KCMI Capital Account Executive is here to help with all of your broker questions. We want to fully understand the request so that when presented to credit we have the best chance…

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Step 1: Broker Submission At KCMI Capital, we are eager to see and fully understand your client's loan request. In most cases, all we need is a simple application, credit, rent roll and expenses and a color photo of the…

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